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More Facebook Woes

June 1, 2010
Facebook Like Button

Possibly hiding a trojan

Protesters organising a mass defection from Facebook yesterday said 33,313 quit the social networking site. It sounds like a lot, but in the context of the site’s 400 million users, it is a small percentage. The Guardian blog reporting the story said the site also has to worry about a new source of trouble. Consumer groups in the U.S. are applying political pressure, the blog says.

Ultimately, it won’t be an unofficial rabble of protesters that bothers Facebook or forces more coherent improvement; it will be US regulators.

As if that isn’t enough, security flaws have been reported in the code behind Facebook’s like button. Basically, a teaser encourages users to click on the button to add it to their Facebook page. You click on the link and a trojan gets installed. Then the bait is added to your newsfeed where others can fall for the same trick. Here is some advice if you have been hit:

If you’ve been hit with this likejacking attack, the best you can do is remove the like from your profile and delete the post from your News Feed. You might want to apologize to your friends with a Facebook status update, too.

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