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Innovation Howto II: Working WIth Ideas

May 8, 2010

Sometimes it’s easy to see how consultants make their money.  Imagine senior management at a company that wants or needs innovative ideas. Where do they come from? Should they hire someone innovative? Or hire someone to tell them how to be innovative?

In the second of their talks on the topic at the Irish Computer Society, Michael O’Duffy of DCU’s Centre for Software Engineering and David Trevitt of Business Knowledge Innovation, told of what needs to be done to capture the spark of creativity. And, as they said on their first talk about innovation, there is some work involved.

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  1. May 10, 2010 2:24 pm

    In fact the whole innovation idea is looking at new growth through the wrong end of the telescope?

    Game the worst way as you hint, to damage the company and the business, and the personnel. Then avoid those acts that cause that damage. This is also likely to be more relevant in a depression. Maintaining the business may bring more dividends literally, when the depression is over. Now is not the time for risks!


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